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Jixun's Blog 填坑还是开坑,这是个好问题。

Happy 2022 - the year of 🐯!

Happy new year!

Didn’t do much throughout the year of 2021, been especially chill between Christmas and now.

The good part #

  • Met a few friends in game
  • Reverse Engineering wise…
    • Learnt some basics about Android RE, though still not fully understand how to write one in my own;
    • Skill level did not increase much, might be due to lack of time to practice;
    • JS Obfuscation/Deobfuscation - It seems that deobfuscation now requires AST + rule matching now.
  • Remaking the wheel, mainly as a lightweight alternative of an existing product, but with only the features I need.
  • Wrote quite a lot of code in my own time, but to me, this feels empty.
    • Maybe that’s “open source”.
  • Switched blog system again, now using static site generator (SSG).
    • But without commenting (Are there anyone commenting here?)
  • Developing wise…
    • Ansible is so useful, though slow, still faster than me doing it manually.
    • VSCode still feels lag/restricted when compared to JetBrains' IDE. I blame Electron.
    • Did some DIY soldering with the Key Dispenser project, though the soldering is horrible…
    • Moved a lot [Docker][docker containers] to GitHub’s Container Registry.

The bad part #

  • A lot of unfinished projects
    • New project as my focus & interest changes.
  • Didn’t balance time well
    • Work/Play with Friends/My own time
  • Still don’t like driving that much, though more comfortable
  • Didn’t get in to relationship 😢, but I’ve meet some really cute friends 😄
  • k8s - from the fundamental to abandon.
  • Studying languages with a mobile APP, though not doing much…
  • Too lazy to bother with making things, better to sleep the whole day…

My schedule of the day; cat meme from unknown source

Plans #

  • Get involved with local volunteer works
    • To meet some locals
  • Reduce unnecessary spend
    • Impulse purchases are insane…
  • Learn something new

Leisure #

Watched some movies / drama and played games with friends. For titles, checkout the Chinese version of this page.

The last #

Hoping that I can live happily this year, just like before 😉

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