I am a student at graduate from the University of York.

You can find me on GitHub, Greasy Fork or my Chinese blog.

This site is built with Hexo Bludit and DevTheme with a bit (quite a bit!) of twist to make it ssuitable for me.

Job Status?

Currently looking for got a job. Check my LinkedIn :p

Skill Set

Some of the programming languages I've used, along with some framework/library I've used in projects.

  • JavaScript (ES6+, Node.JS, TypeScript)
    • React (more than 9 months working on commercial projects)
    • OOP (made my own implementation of class before it was a standard)
    • Slight touch on Angular/Vue
    • jQuery (when jQuery was version 2)
    • Personal projects using Buble/Rollup to bundle web-app.
    • Use of Lodash, Underscore (... and other libraries)
    • osb Emulator (Badly implemented and not maintained any more)
  • Some CSS3 skills; able to implement a website with given design.
  • Python 3
  • Java
  • PHP (The best language, anyone?)
    • Comment system built with Symfony (installed on jixun.moe, close source).
    • Security audit (CSRF [email protected])
    • Extend an existing project h5ai for improved keyboard control on multimedia view.
    • Worked with WordPress Plugins & Themes (before 2017?)
    • This blog based on BludIt and DevTheme (my fork is closed source).
  • C/C++ (few months on commercial projects using boost_asio)
    • UniCal - A calendar app for embedded device (i.e. Raspberry PI with a display connected via SPI) using CMake, SDL2 and libcurl, along with a custom written blazing fast ics parser.
    • My own fork of 3DS Controller which uses 3DS as a game controller for PC.
  • C#
    • ContraFontTool using bitmap to generate graphics font tiles.
    • ChromeUnlocker: Copies Google Chrome to a specified directory and remove restrictions set by IT administrator.
    • APIHook: Hooks API call (unmanaged) to a custom method.
  • Assembly (x86/x86_64/6502), mostly reverse engineering (i.e. reading and analyses)

Some of the personal projects are open source and available on GitHub. Some projects were not maintained anymore and may not meet the code standard.



Just some random guy talking about some random stuff.