100% Orange Juice - Resource decryption & extraction (cli)

Expected to work with XP but not tested.

Supported resource type:

  • .dat decryption
  • ZIP archive pretending as a .dat file (e.g. animation.pak)
  • Packed ogg files (e.g. bgm.pak)
  • Packed wav files (e.g. se.pak)


100% Orange Pak decryptor v1.1
by: Jixun Moe<https://jixun.moe/>

This tool is provided "AS IS", without warranty of any kind,
  and commercial usage is strictly prohibited.

  OrangeDecryptor <input> <output> [mode]

mode is the decryption mode; it can be one of the following:
  dat      Apply dat decryption. Note: Any file not recognised will fallback to this mode.
  zip      Extract file as zip to output(as directory), then apply dat decryption (if ending with .dat).
  ogg      Seperate audio file to different files; name pattern: [output]/[000].ogg
  wav      Extract WAV sound (Sound Effects & Voice) from pak archive.
  auto     Default; it will check the file header and perform action.

Download: Jixun Storage | Yandex

This article is also available in: 中文 (简体)



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